All of my courses are available on the following two platforms (links & discounts below)
If you are a Skillshare subscriber you have access to all of my courses including over 90 classes. Click here to sign up and get several weeks for free.
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I also have all of my courses on the Udemy course platform for super affordable prices. Make sure to check the coupon page here for the best coupons available
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You can also check out the 200+ page pdf design theory book. Make sure to use  coupon code at checkout to receive $10 off the price here. This is the only resource not available on Udemy or Skillshare as it is a pdf book resource and not a course.
It contains 200 pages of graphic design theory review and is a great compliment to any of the courses. We cover Gestalt theory, color psychology in more detail, grids, layout and review solid design examples.
400,000+ students later, my new goal is building up a resource library of design content, articles and creative business advice. After many months of research I landed on a platform called Substack to help host my blog and newsletter content, join for FREE HERE! After creating over 120+ hours of video content (My design courses here) I have found a renewed excitement for writing, blogging and teaching design in a new format.
Find out what is in each level and course in the video below. 
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